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Escalator Cleaning & Maintenance Service in Centralia, Washington

Rise To The Top Escalator Cleaning Service, LLC in Centralia, Washington, provides escalator cleaning service for commercial businesses. With our cleaning service you can keep corrosion under control and protect the metal and coated surfaces. If your escalator is not properly cleaned on a regular basis, grease, oil, and dirt will eventually degrade the quality of the metal & coated surfaces of your escalator. We also offer Elevator Cab Cleaning where we clean the stainless doors, inside the elevator cab and floor.

Make Safety #1

For safety reasons it is an absolute must to keep your escalator clean and free of debris. Our cleaning service can protect you and your customers by removing sticky or slippery substances thereby greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

Cut Costs & Improve Appearance

Reduce maintenance costs by choosing our company to clean your escalators. In most cases a clean escalator requires less maintenance than a dirty escalator. Also, a clean escalator leaves a good impression on your customers by letting them know that you care about the appearance of your business.

We take pride in making sure your escalators, moving walks and shopping cart lifts are thoroughly cleaned. Below are cleaning options to ensure satisfactory results.

  • Sticker & gum removal 
  • Buffing stainless associated with stainless
  • Clean, treat, and polish handrails
  • Polish steps and riser
  • Clean, buff, and pain walk-ons
  • Clean & polish comb plates
  • Clean glass